I am Tekira,  owner of BraidbarSkg

I am Tekira and I am not your typical hairstylist/make up artist. I have always viewed hair as a very artistic form of self expression and have dedicated my career in creative hairstyling. Having speciliased in all braiding techniques (braids) and being an experienced make up artist, gives me the opportunity to create highly editorial/artistic content, along with more mainstream type of work. (I consider myself to be a modern day artist, using hair and make up to express my vision.)

When I am not at Braidbar or a photoshoot, you will find me pursuing my passion for travelling. I love immersing myself in different cultures and discovering as much as i can about the countries i am visiting. Seeing new places, experiencing new things and getting to know people from all over the world, has always been my main source of inspiration.

Focusing on braiding has been a challenge, since these techniques are not very widespread in Greece. For many years now, i took it upon myself to research and learn everything i can about braids and the culture/history around the techniques. Being respectfull towards these cultures, has always been my main goal throughout this journey. I am proud to say that after 7 years of braiding in Thessaloniki, Braidbar has managed to create a strong, respectfull community of people who love braids.

In the meantime I studied Make Up at Bema School of Thessaloniki, where i got my MuA in Beauty MakeUp, Bridal MakeUp and Creative and Fashion MakeUp.

To achieve the best outcome (highest quality) , i combine my knowledge along with my creativity and my strong work ethic. The past few years my carreer has focused in setting and producing creative concepts with my team, as well as organising masterclasses, teaching the techniques of braiding.

Since 2020, i have worked in many photoshoots for (Greek) brands and magazines, music videos, movie sets, TV productions, and have collaborated with many agencies, celebrities, dancers and content creators. You can find a sample of my work, in my portfolio (below).

About the Braidbar

Braid Bar Skg

We are a super creative group of people who try to make a difference in the beauty industry. We consider everything we do as art and our main goal is to see happy faces with creative hairstyles all over the city!

Our team and studio offers a wide range of services and products including all kinds of braids, dreadlocks, wigs, hairstyles, makeup services, creative concepts, hair accessories and care and much more.

Choose the hairstyle that suits you the most and book your appointment ASAP!